Start working as a foreign nursing professional

A warm welcome from the Charlottenhof Team!

The Charlottenhof Gelbensande Nursing Home offers foreign nurses a permanent position in a modern nursing home in the region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Our offer is aimed at nurses from European non-EU countries and includes a preparatory course (adaptation course).

Become an integral part of a collegial and familial team.

Are you a trained nurse in your country of origin or already working in Germany as a nursing assistant and speak German at least at the B1 level? 
If so, then you can complete an adaptation period in our nursing home together with our partner company and adapt your training to the standards required in Germany. 
If you pass the exam, we offer a permanent position in our modern facility as a qualified nursing professional and nursing assistant. 

You can expect a secure and permanent job in our family business at an attractive location, not far from the Hanseatic city of Rostock and the nearby Baltic Sea. With over 100 employees, the Charlottenhof Gelbensande GmbH Nursing Home is one of the leading specialized nursing care companies in the region.

We will support you in your start in Germany and stand by you throughout the entire process of recognition of your professional qualifications in Germany.

Have we aroused your interest? Then contact us:

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Your contact person:
Mr Björn-Christoph Fritsche

We will be happy to help you find a place to live, deal with the authorities and support you in organizing the reunification of your family.
We look forward to starting into the future together!

Do you have questions about your application from abroad, the recognition procedure in Germany or do you have a suggestion?
Phone: +49-38201-708
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Information on our facilities

Living together – being there for each other

Our facility is a nursing home for the care and support of persons with intellectual disabilities and chronically ill people who can no longer manage their lives independently.

Surrounded by the Heaths of Rostock, the Charlottenhof Gelbensande Nursing Home GmbH is nevertheless centrally located.

Residents with an underlying psychiatric illness assessed with a care level can be admitted from the age of 18; the rooms are modern and adapted to the needs of the disabled. The qualified, very empathetic and highly motivated team of nurses and therapists looks after the residents day and night.

The focus of the care work is on individual therapies and therapies in small groups; these serve to mobilize and maintain the abilities and skills of the residents. Through the in-house occupational and physiotherapy, the residents are offered numerous opportunities for active and creative leisure activities.

Once a month a larger event takes place. Depending on the weather and the season, we go on excursions, for example: to the zoo in Rostock, the cinema, concerts, the stadium, the Bird Park in nearby Marlow, the pier in Graal-Müritz, carriage rides, barbecues and much more. Regular walks through the village, to the local grocery store (shopping training) or through the in-house park take place during the week.

We see the focus of our work in providing our residents with very individual support, aligned with the extent of their need for care, in order to achieve the greatest possible independence in managing the activities of daily living. In this respect, the living areas are actively supported by social care and therapy.

Through individual guidance, supervision and assistance, the Charlottenhof staff would like to convey security, trust and well-being to the resident - the Charlottenhof is the resident's "new" home.

The living areas are supported in this rewarding task by nursing specialists, special needs assistants, physiotherapists, nursing assistants and many other highly motivated employees. The work is done in a team and not alone.

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Phone: +49-38201-708
Email: Welcome( at )

Your contact person:
Mr Björn-Christoph Fritsche